Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Sorry it has been so long that I last updated this blog. I have new music for you!

First up HALESTORM!!! I wish I would have heard this awesome band sooner! Seriously though this sister brother started band rocks! And Lzzy Hale is supper humble about their success!

I want to share with you their track "Familiar Taste Of Poison"

Next up "Love/Hate Heartbreak"

And finally "Beautiful with You" (sorry for the lyric video but there isn't an official video that I can find)

I love the range that Halestorm has because not everyone is all {hardcore} all the time and they are not {soft} all the time either.

So what do you think?

Want more info? Check out their wiki page here:

Friday, July 13, 2012

I may be reaching that point...

That point where you notice that you are getting to be over tired yet there is nothing you can do about it. I seriously should be in bed seeing that I work at 9 and am working a 9 hour day on a day that will most likely be very busy... UGH!!!
Oh well. Guess I'll just organize coupons for my shopping tomorrow. I always love when I am printing coupons an use up all of my ink. It's awesome to do that.

Three Days Grace- Home

I'm husband-less for the weekend too. He has off and his mom's side is doing a family camping thing so he went up. I was going to try to join him but my boss has off for some festival in MN, where he's from, so I couldn't go. Subsequently I also have to work 7 days in a row because of that too... I'm going to be on edge when Wednesday rolls around... though I may be on edge starting tomorrow if I can't get myself to a state of semi tiredness. 

Also the lights keep flickering in my apt and it's annoying. I'm wondering if the A/C unit is doing it because the only things running are the A/C, a fan, the computer, the fridge (duh) and a light. Odd. Oh well. 

Well I'm going to try to go and sleep. Wish me luck. 

Hope all is well with you and yours. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Songs that are doing it for me now...

So I've been tagging a lot of songs lately with Shazzam on my phone and felt I should compile a list here to keep track.

I would like to preface that while most of this is on the radio station that I tend to listen too not all of it is something that I listen to all the time. A lot is "metal" of some sort and I do happen to have an affinity toward metal a lot. But there are a handful of other songs on here that I listen to quite frequently as well.

I hope you enjoy. Please comment on what you think and if you like anything that you hear here! Thanks!

Chevelle- The Red

Rammstein- Du Hast

Hoobstank- This Is Gonna Hurt

The Joy Formidable- Whirring

System of a Down- Toxicity

Five Finger Death Punch- Coming Down

Rage Against The Machine- Killing In the Name

Evans Blue- This Time It's Different

Florence+ the Machine- No Light, No Light

Incubus- Adolescents

Fun- Some Nights

Within Temptation- All I Need

Plumb- Cut

10 Years- Shoot It Out

Godsmack- I Stand Alone

Imagine Dragons- It's Time

Tool- Forty Six &2

Cage The Elephant- Shake Me Down

Adelitas Way- Criticize

Awolnation- Not Your Fault

Rise Against- Help Is On The Way

Halestorm- Love Bites (So Do I)

Soundgarden- Spoonman

Deuce- America

The Used- I Come Alive